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40:1 is the correct mixture for the fuel and 2 cycle oil. 3 oz. of 2 cycle oil per gallon of gas. I have Craftsman Line Trimmer 358.795190 (Model #). It has the quick release shaft for other attachments. Hopefully this will help you.

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Q: What is the oil to gas ratio on craftsman 32cc weedwacker?
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What is the oil to gas ratio for a craftsman 27cc weedwacker?


What is the gas mixture ratio for a Craftsman 32cc Gas Line Trimmer?

2 cycle engine are mixed 40 to 1 ratio. One Gal. of gas to 3.2 oz of oil.

What is the gas mixture for the craftsman gas line trimmer 32cc?

2 cycle engine are mixed 40 to 1 ratio. One Gal. of gas to 3.2 oz of oil.

Craftsman 32cc Gas Line Trimmer Manual?

How do you rewind the rope on the moter

What is the oil to gas mixture on craftsman 21cc weedwacker?


Where is the fuel filter for Craftsman 17 25cc weedwacker?

Inside the gas tank .

Where do you get parts for an old Craftsman weedwacker?

in need of a flexible drive shaft part no. 30-93936 for a sears craftsman 26.2cc gas weedwacker. Model #358.798131-26.2cc. Any suggestions?

Craftsman weedwacker is not getting gas?

Check your fuel lines, they come out of there holes on the tank.

Gas leaking from craftsman weed wacker 32cc?

one of your lines are broken. really simple to fix.

How do I replace the Craftsman gas-powered weedwacker starter rope?

go to home depo and buy some

Which gas powered trimmer is the easiest to operate?

Craftsman 32cc 2 cycle Split Boom Gas Trimmer are great for easy use and flexibility.

Oil mixture for craftsman weedwacker?

To create an oil mixture for your Craftsman weedwacker, you'll generally mix 2.6 ounces of oil with 1 gallon of gas. Always consult your weedwacker's manual for specific guidelines, and use a high-quality 2-cycle oil designed for small engines to ensure proper lubrication and performance. Be sure to mix the oil and gas thoroughly before fueling your weedwacker.