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If it was made in the last five years or so, it should be 50 to 1.

The above answer is incorrect for my Weedwacker.

Craftsman Weedwacker 17"/25cc

Gas Line Trimmer

2003 US EPA PH2

Family: 3PWES.0254TZ

Disp: 25cc : EM

Serial: [redacted]

Model: 358.795543

Emission: durability period 50 hours

Customer questions: 1-800-235-5878

IMPORTANT! Mix CRAFTSMAN 40:1 2-cycle engine oil with unleaded gasoline. Read oil container or operator's manual for proper mixing instructions. Other oils may cause engine damage.

1. Place stop switch in "ON" position.

2. Set unit on flat surface.

3. Slowly press the primer bulb 6 times.

4. Move choke lever to "FULL CHOKE" position.

5. Squeeze throttle trigger fully and hold [thru step 6] and pull starter handle sharply until engine attempts to run. NO MORE THAN 6 PULLS.

6. Move choke lever to "HALF CHOKE" position and pull starter handle until engine runs.

7. Allow engine to run for 10 seconds, then move choke lever to the "OFF CHOKE" position.


The above three paragraphs are verbatim from three stickers on my Weedwacker. The stickers have no copyright on them.

The simple answer to your question is, "40:1 2-cycle engine oil with unleaded gasoline."

rcpao 2008-06-29 22:03

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Q: What is the oil to gas ratio for a craftsman 17 25cc weedwacker?
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