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Anywhere between 1500 and 2300 RPM, depending on how it's geared.

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Q: What is the normal RPM for a car going 60 mph?
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How many RPM's are need to go 55 MPH for the average car?

At about 1700 RPM's you're going 55.

What is the normal RPM for a 1989 Ford Escort 1.9 automatic at 55 mph?

My car (a 1995 model of the Escort with the 1.9L) usually revs about 2000-2200 RPM at 55 MPH.

What is the normal RPM for a 2002 suzuki grand vitari xl7 at 70 mph?

What is the normal rpm for a grand vitara 2002 Suzuki

Ifhe wheels of a car have a radius of 15 inches and are rotating at 800 rpm what is the speed of the car?

71.3998332 mph. 71.3998332 mph.

Normal speed of a car?

the normal speed of a car is 120 Mph

How fast are your tires going when your car is going 55?

Well if your car is moving at 55 mph, i would be surprised if your tyres aren't. The tire rpm (revolutions per minute) would depend on the tire size.

What is the normal RPM for a 1994 Chevrolet Camaro 3.4 automatic at 70 mph?

depending on tire size, around 2100-2200 rpm

Why my 88 Lincoln Town Car 5.0 go to 40 mph then want pull rpm goes up?

Sounds like a transmission problem when going into overdrive.

How fast ssc ultimate aero car can go?

About 273 MPH when redlined at 7200 rpm.

Speed of car in MPH?

It matters how fast the car is going!

Would 1996 Chevy lumina security light being on and having trouble with car not shifting and not going over 20 mph with high rpm?

Absolutely not. Change the transmission filter.

What is the average rpm of a car?

If you're talking engine rpm, cruising down the highway doing the 65 mph speed limit, an average rpm would probably be 2000 to 2200.