Normal speed of a car

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the normal speed of a car is 120 Mph

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Q: Normal speed of a car
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What is the top speed of a NORMAL car?

It depends what kind of car it is.

What is the speedometer in a car give the car's?

Speedometer can determine a car's normal and maximum speed.

When you double your speed in a car how long does it take to stop?

Double the time it takes to stop with normal speed.

How much is the speed of a normal car in km?

Depends in what sense 'normal' being defined. Please rephrase.

What is the average speed of a normal car?

I would say 110 mph but that is only an estimate.

Why is it when you press your gas pedal the car hesitate to pick up speed and when you press down on it the pedal feels loose then go to normal after awhile?

This is not normal. If your car is doing this, get it checked out.

What is a Honda Civic's top speed?

50 mph scale speed. So, at 1:10 of normal car=5 mph net.

What are the normal injuries if hit by a car?

Excessive prolapse and a fractured hair folicle!, depends on what car really and what speed and whether it hits you in the eye or shin

Is it normal for a turbocharged front wheel drive car to much resist an unaccelerated speed downhill?

shift up...

How long does it take to travel 228.6 miles by car?

Approximately 4 hours at normal open highway conditions and speed.

What is wrong with a car that only picks up speed when ac is off?

it is totally normal especially for a 4cyl car your air conditioning is compressing air so that why it is sluggish with it on

What speed does the speedometer in a car give?

The speed of the car.