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it is radius of smallest circle that can be drawn by the vehicle during turning.

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2013-03-25 04:06:20
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Q: What is the minimum turning radius for a car ramp?
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What is the minimum radius for a helical car ramp?

17' radius

What is the minimum width for a car ramp?

17 inch

Do tires make any difference in a car's turning radius?

The cars turning radius is not determined by the brand of tire.

What is the turning radius of an ambulance car?

There is an inside radius and an outside radius. Both are the radius of the curve required by the car to maximize the turning capabilities of the vehicle. The variables are the length of the vehicle and turn angle of the tires relative to the body of the car. So a typical car would be much less than a large truck. All makes and models vary.

A car's turning radius should be more?

It should be more than 900

How do you you measure a car's turning radius?

Try the related link. It might help you.

How do you calculate the turning radius of a car?

I don't recall the exact formula, but, it involves the car's speed and the car's tires slip angle at a given speed.

Is the speed of a car on a ramp affected by the degree of the slant of the ramp?

Yes. The degree and slant of the ramp does affect the speed of the car

Does the height of a ramp effect the speed of a car?

If you are talking about a car rolling down a ramp then yes. The taller the ramp the more momentum the car will create there for the car will travel farther and faster.

Does the angle of a ramp effect the speed of a car?

Yes, the angle of the ramp does effect the speed of a car.

How does the angle of a ramp affect the distance a toy car will travel?

the steeper the ramp, the farther the car goes. if your ramp is flatter, it won't go as far.

Does the surface of a ramp affect the distance a toy car will travel?

yes: because the higher the ramp is the fastest the toy car will travel the lower the ramp is the slower the toy car will go it all depends on the hight that your ramp is. Not the car beacause the toy car has its own ways of going fast and slow.

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