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225/45/R15 are the lowest.

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Q: What is the lowest profile tire size for a 15 rim?
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What do the numbers mean on a car tire?

for instance 205/55/20 205 is 205 mm across the tire (width) 55 is 55 mm the profile 55 is a low profile tire (height of wall) And 20 is diameter or the rim ( size of the rim)

Can you put a size 20 rim on a Lincoln Ls?

Yes Of course, with a low profile tire. I have 20's on now

What is the lowest profile you can put on a 20 inch rim?

75 profile bud

What is tire size for 1979 Lincoln?

235/75/15 wold be the standard tire sizefor a 79 Lincoln Town Coupe', Town Car, and Mark V. Tire size broken down? 235 is the width of the tread measured in millimeters. 75 is the percentage of the width (in this case 75% of 235 mm) is the tire profile. OR, the sidewall of the the tire from the road to the edge of the wheel rim. A tire that has a size of 235/40/15 would have a far lower profile, or road to rim measurement, and would be considered and higher performance tire. Lastly, the 15 on the tire you had the size question on indicates the wheel rim diameter in inches....

Are grooves in a tier called profile?

No the grooves are the tread, the profile is the height of the tire from the rim measured in percentage of tire width.

What size rim for a 31x10.5 r15 tire?

15inch rim.31=tall10.5=wideR15 diameter or rim size.

Can the spare tire rim on a 2002 dodge caravan accommodate a regular size tire?

The "doughnut" rim, NO.

What is the size of tire on a Toyota carrolla?

No year of model given,but would be 13 or 14 inch rim size x 165mm to 175mm wide x profile of your choice.

What size rim for a 31 10.5 r15 tire?

the R stands for RIM , Example R15 Is a 15 Inch Rim The R actually means it is a tire of Radial construction. The wheel & tire diameter is 15" but the width of the rim should be 7" to 8" for this size tire.

Can you fit a 20 inch rim on a 17 inch tire?

You can not mix different size tires and rims. The tire has to be the same size as the rim.

What does 225 60R16 mean?

Tire sizes are expressed in the format WWW/AAXDD. WWW is the tire's section width, measured in millimeters. AA is the aspect ratio or profile of the tire, which expresses the tire's height as a percentage of its width. X is a letter indicating the tire's internal construction. DD is the diameter in inches of the wheel that thetire is intended to be mounted on.These are metric tire size numbers 225 is how tall it is, 60 is the width R is for rim, the rim is an inches size, and is 16 inch rim.

Will a 205-65-r15 size tire fit a mercury villager rim?

Yes, if it's a 15" rim, but that is not a Villager tire size that I am aware.