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for instance 205/55/20

205 is 205 mm across the tire (width)

55 is 55 mm the profile 55 is a low profile tire (height of wall)

And 20 is diameter or the rim ( size of the rim)

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His answer is wrong in respect to the profile.
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โˆ™ 2022-02-08 20:18:52
And rim size.
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Q: What do the numbers mean on a car tire?
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What do the numbers on a motorcycle tire mean?

the size of the tire, the model, when it was made

What do tire numbers mean?

numbers mean the size of the tire,the size of the wheel they will fit on and the width of the tire.also found on all tires are a serial number

What do the 3 numbers in a tire size mean?

It is how big you want your tire to be its to big or to wide.

Does tire size 61cm mean the diameter of the tire is 61cm?

That is NOT a tire size. -The size is a much longer series of numbers and letters.

What does a tire toe alignment mean?

Tire toe alignment means that the tire has to be aligned with the "toe" of the car which is the shell that covers the car. This allows the tires to be easily adjusted if needed.

How do you know what size rims and tires your car has?

On the outside of your tire, there are numbers which indicate the size of the tire. The last few digits will be the rim size of the tire. You will also want to measure the width of the tire.

What does p195 mean in tire size?

That means it is a passenger car tire with tread width of 195 millimetres

What does a car tire size 225 50r17 mean?

Click the link.

What you need to change a tire?

To change an actual tire you need a tire machine to get it off the rim and the new one on. -If you mean the change the WHEEL and tire on a car, then you just need a jack and a tire wrench.

What do the numbers on lawn mower tires mean?

One number is the overall tire height, one is tire width and the other is the inside diameter.

What is the volume of an average car tire?

The volume of a car tire is about 10L.

What will happen if you remove all the air from a car tire and place it into a large tractor tire?

the car tire will be flat and the tractor tire not.

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