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In cars with a carburetor the choke is used to help start the engine when could. Engaging the choke closes a flap which reduces the amount of air in the fuel mixture when the engine is started.

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Q: What is the function of the choke in a car?
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What does the choke on a car choke?


1995 town cAR CHOKE?

If car is fuel injected (which I assume it is) it does not have a choke

What is the input choke used for AC drive. What is its function?

The function of the input choke for an AC drive is much the same as the function of the choke on any other mechanical device. The jump start the unit the choke should be in the open mode. The stop the operation of the unit the choke should be moved to the closed position.

What is a peacocks job or function?

to choke

What is choke?

Choke, in car terms, is adjusting how much air flows into the engine.

What is function of the choke in lamp circuit?

The function of a choke in a lamp circuit is to produce high voltage. In tubelights, the high voltage is essential for ionisation of the gas which is present in tubelights.

Browning Arms Company How to install an invector choke?

Go to and type "Invector Choke" in the search function.

Choke designation on browning choke tubes?

Browning has a web site with lots of information and a search function that will help you.

What is wrong when car shakes when idling?

If your car is shaking while it is idling, it is most likely your automatic choke. The automatic choke is not operating correctly but if you remove the choke and put a lubricant on it, it should stop shaking.

What is a choke on a car?

A choke is usually a knob or lever that is usually used when starting the car. It manipulates the choke valve on the carburetor to create a richer air to fuel ratio, thus making it easier to start.

When do you need to use a manual choke on a car?

If the car has fuel injection you cannot use a choke. however if the car has a carburetor without a automatic choke that is when add a manual choke cable to the carburetor choke flap. When you pull the choke flap closed it limits the air flow to the engine allowing for the engine to warm up so so it can atomize the fuel for the engine to run more efficiently. This is important in cold weather you almost always have to use a choke to start the engine.

How do you adjust the choke on a 1996 350 vortec tbi?

There is no choke on an injection system. The cold start enrichment system performs this function.