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The compression ratio of a Diesel ranges from 14:1 to as high as 25:1.

I agree just depends on engine.

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Q: What is the compression ratio of a diesel engine?
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Why compression ratio of petrol enine is 8 where as diesel engine is 22?

because a diesel engine ignites its fuel with pressure, and not with a spark like a petrol engine. that is why a petrol engine does not need as high a compression ratio as a diesel engine

What is normal compression for a Ford 7.3L diesel engine?

It has a compression ratio of 17.5:1

Which engine design would have a compression ratio of 23 to 1?

The Diesel

Why is diesel engine more expensive than petrol engine?

Because of higher compression ratio.

Compression ratio of diesel engine?

Usually between 16:1 and 22:1

What is the compression ratio of diesel engine?

between 18 and 25 to one depending on engine I agree. It all depends on what engine you have.

What is the minimum compression ratio for diesel engines?

Around 18:1 will give a running diesel on a engine such as an old perkins 4203

How much compression should a diesel have?

A diesel engine requires at least a 20:1 compression ratio, or about double a gasoline engine. The PSI this translates to depends on the size of the cylinder. You will need to consult the manufacturer's service manual.

Why diesel engine car is costlier than petrol engine car?

Due to the increase in the compression ratio of a diesel which fires on compression rather than spark, the engine is built much stronger than a petrol engine. It therefore just costs more to manufacture.

How do we use the diesel engine now?

The diesel engine is on compression.

What will happen if petrol is used as a fuel in diesel engine?

Petrol or gasoline in a diesel will cause internal engine damage. if petrol is used in diesel engine it may cause explosive sound with burning ....bcz high compression ratio ......

What happens when a diesel engine intakes natural gas through the intake proccess?

a diesel engine has generally compression ratio of 12-14 which means around 1000cent.temp is developed inside the engine cylinder.if natural gas is intaken then it will burn before the completion of compression diesel fuel is required now