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There are literally hundreds of different contractor classes. Without knowing what kind of contractor you are, ie; electrical, roofer, builder etc, there is no way of knowing what you might pay.

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Q: What is the average cost of minimum required insurance for residential contractor in Florida?
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Is PIP car insurance required in Florida?

PIP is Personal Insurance Protection and is required in the state of Florida to people who register a car in Florida. This falls under the No Fault law in Florida.

Which insurance carrier pays on Florida condo negligence of contractor claim?

The contractors General Liability Insurance would cover accidents and quality of workmanship issues that result from the activity of the Contractor.

Is insurance required to operate a boat in Florida?

not sure

Is SR22 auto insurance required in the state of Florida after an auto accident?

SR22 auto insurance is definitely required to get through an auto accident in florida, as it is an essential part of paying off the debts of the crash.

Is it required to buy renters insurance in Florida?

In the state of Florida, it is not required for people renting real estate to purchase renter's insurance, but the state also does not offer any other type of protection for these renters.

Do you need car insurance in Florida if you own a car?

In Florida, you are required to have a certain amount of personal injury protection and property damage insurance to drive.

Is hurricane insurance required in Florida?

Hurricane insurance is not required by law in Florida. However, if you have a mortgage on your home, your lender may require you to have hurricane insurance as part of your homeowners insurance policy. It is always recommended to have hurricane insurance due to the high risk of hurricanes in Florida.

Do Florida car insurance laws require moped insurance?

In the state of Florida mope riders are not required to have Personal Injury Protection insurance. However, the state does recommend being well insured.

Are you required by law to have car insurance in the state of Florida?

Yes, in fact all states require auto insurance.

Is state auto insurance mandatory in Florida?

In Florida, auto insurance policies differ greatly from other states. The required insurance includes Property Damage Liability, Personal Protection Insurance and Personal Injury Protection. Things such as Collision and Comprehensive coverage are not mandatory in Florida.

Does a landlord have to provide an insurance policy for the tenants in Tampa, Florida?

No it is not required. Tenants can however get their own renters insurance to cover themselves.

Can a homeowner acting as the general contractor be sued by a sub-contractor in Florida?

It depends. if they are sueing you for non payment and its ur fault then yes. but if the insurance company holds the money and th contractors sign a waiver lien then no. they do that just to intimidate you.