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Q: What is the Average closing ratios for car salesman?
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What is the average salary car salesman?

If you're horrible: $15-20K/Year If you're good: $80-140K+/Year The average salary for a car salesman is $39,478.

What is the average salary for a car salesman in Houston Texas?


How much money does a car salesman for ford average?


How much do car salesmen make?

They make on average 200 per car and the average salesman sells about 9 cars per month while a good salesman can get about 17 per month

In Ohio how much does a car salesman average in yearly salary and commissions?

~ $80,000

How many cars on average do car salesman sell?

Nationallly, the average is 8 sales per month.

Duties and responsibilities of a car salesman?

Duties and responsibilities of a car salesman

What is the name of the book written by a car salesman about sure fire sales techniques?

The book is called "How to Sell a Car Today" written by Joe Girard, a famous car salesman who shares his sales techniques and strategies for success in the automotive industry.

Do a car salesman need a license?

yes a car salesman needs a license.

Who makes more money Toyota salesman or Acura salesman?

While it varies a lot, typically luxury car salesman make more than other manufacturers. Toyota and Honda salesman make about the same on average and Lexus and Acura salesman do quite a bit better. The cars are more expensive and there's a lot more gross (profit) in each car. Salesman are usually paid a percentage of the profit on each car sold, and although the Acura dealership will sell fewer cars than a Toyota dealership, the Acura salesman should make more. A good quantification would be a Toyota salesman sells 12 Toyotas a month with an average commission of $300 per vehicle. His monthly pay is $3600. The Acura salesman across the street sold only 8 Acuras, but the average commission was $600 per vehicle. He makes $4800 a month. From my experience in the car business, these numbers are probably very accurate

How much money does a average car sales person make?

I am a car salesman and let me tell you not enough. so next time you buy a car tell your salesman if he/she sells you the car for what the dealer owns it for you'll give him a $500 tip... this will inturn save you about $3000.00 - $4000.00

What is the average car-salesman income?

There is no average but I had a team of salesmen and it ranged from 20k all the way to 150k a year it all depends on how good you are.