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Nationallly, the average is 8 sales per month.

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Q: How many cars on average do car salesman sell?
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How many cars does a Above average salesman sell per month for an automotive salesman?


How many cars does Ford sell in US per year?

on average about 650,000

If three salesman can sell three stoves in seven minutes how many stoves can six salesman sell in seventy minutes?


How many cars do the average car dealership sell?

The average is about 800 NEW cars a year, roughly 2.2 a day. So on a good day 3 new cars. Very BIG Dealers sell up to a maximum of 1200/year, or 3.2/day. And they sell about 600 used cars a year.

How many cars can you sell?

Buy: You can BUY as many cars as you have in your budget. Sell: You can SELL as many cars as you wish.(Amount may vary.)

What do you have to do to be a car salesman?

Basically - sell cars. You would need subject knowledge and the gift of the gab, i.e. be a good talker.

Who makes more money Toyota salesman or Acura salesman?

While it varies a lot, typically luxury car salesman make more than other manufacturers. Toyota and Honda salesman make about the same on average and Lexus and Acura salesman do quite a bit better. The cars are more expensive and there's a lot more gross (profit) in each car. Salesman are usually paid a percentage of the profit on each car sold, and although the Acura dealership will sell fewer cars than a Toyota dealership, the Acura salesman should make more. A good quantification would be a Toyota salesman sells 12 Toyotas a month with an average commission of $300 per vehicle. His monthly pay is $3600. The Acura salesman across the street sold only 8 Acuras, but the average commission was $600 per vehicle. He makes $4800 a month. From my experience in the car business, these numbers are probably very accurate

What kind of job involves selling cars?

The most obvious job that entails selling cars is either a new or used car salesman. Other people who may sell cars are auctioneers and private citizens.

Salesman as a communicator?

A salesman must be an excellent communicator. If a salesman is not a good communicator they will not sell anything.

How many cars can you sell in va without a license?

you can sell a max of 15 cars a private owner

How many cars can you sell in the state of Texas without a dealers licence?

you can sell up to 15 cars

Does auto express review or just sell cars?

There most definetly are reviews on cars on that website. they sell many types of cars and you can use the site for many things.