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The average is about 800 NEW cars a year, roughly 2.2 a day. So on a good day 3 new cars. Very BIG Dealers sell up to a maximum of 1200/year, or 3.2/day. And they sell about 600 used cars a year.

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Q: How many cars do the average car dealership sell?
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A car dealership sells 468 cars in a year the dealership is open all 52 weeks of the year how many cars the dealership sell in a week?


What are the services offered at a Chrysler dealership?

There are many services offered at any dealership. They offer detailing a car for you, they offer fixing the cars if there are problems, and of course they sell cars.

How much money does a car dealership owner earn in Sumter South Carolina?

it depends on what kind of dealership it is and how many cars they sell. :D

Is dealership a noun?

Yes it is a noun. A dealership is the company established to sell a franchised product, more specifically cars.

Where can I purchase used cars?

There are many places that sell used cars, and are at a reasonable price. You can go to your local dealership and look there or you can go to a place that deals only with used cars, such as CarMax.

Can felon sell car at a dealer ship in California?

Typically, no a felon cannot sell a car at a dealership in California. Unless, of course, they are the outright owner of the car in which they are trying to sell to the dealership, (and have all the paperwork to prove this true) OR they are under an employment agreement with the dealership, and it is their job to sell cars at the dealership.

Do you have to have a dealership to have a dealers license?

I want to sell cars. Do I need a dealer license to sell to the public on a low scale.

What places or locations sell BMW m5 cars?

"There are many car dealerships that sell new or used BMWm5 cars. You can definitely try going to a nearby BMW dealership, or you can go to car auctions to find this car."

How many cars does Ford sell in US per year?

on average about 650,000

Which companies sell cars and offer auto repair in the same dealership in Massachusetts?

Several companies in Massachusetts sell cars and offer auto repair in the same dealership. These include Nick's Parkway in West Roxbury and Herb Chambers in central Boston.

How many cars on average do car salesman sell?

Nationallly, the average is 8 sales per month.

What are the most popular trading posts for used cars?

The most popular trading post for new cars is at a car dealership. This is where most people decide to sell or buy used cars. Online car sales usually draw from a dealership lot.