What is expect in blast?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What is expect in blast?
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What is a sentence using the word blast?

We had a blast! The rocket is about to blast off.

When was Blast Radio created?

Blast Radio was created in 1994.

What is the better dbz raging blast or dbz raging blast 2?

raging blast 2

What is the past tense of blast?

The past tense of "blast" is "blasted."

If a guy texts you about 30 minutes after a date and says Thanks for hanging out I had a blast hope we can do it again soon when should I expect to hear from him thereafter?

Yes, if he's already contacting you 30 minutes after the date.

What is air blast burner?

An air blast burner is a burner where a controlled blast of air is supplied the gas. The burner has an air blast type fuel injector.

What is a blast lamp?

A blast lamp is a lamp provided with some arrangement for intensifying combustion by means of a blast.

Can you use blast as a good word?

we are going to have a blast..

Do blast and class rhyme?

No, but "blast" and "classed" do rhyme.

What is a Primary blast?

it is a blast effect causes damage

What Is A Blast Furnace?

A blast furnace is a forge in which ore is smelted to meal, being intensified by a blast of hot air.

What does blast protection do on Minecraft?

Blast Protection is an enchantment applied to armor. It protects you from explosions, such as from a TNT blast or from a creeper.