What is another word for taut?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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stiff, tight, rigid, close, flexed, firm, tense, unyielding

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Q: What is another word for taut?
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Can slack be another word for taut?

No. Slack and taut are opposite in meaning.

What is a 5 letter word for not taut?

loose is a 5 letter word for not taut.

What is the homophone for the word taught?

The homophone for "taught" is "taut."

How would you use the word taut in a sentence?

You! Over there! Pull that rope taut!

Can you give me a Sentence with the word taut?

I will toe the line more confidently if is more taut.

What is a synonym for the word taut?

being stretched tightly eg: we say a taut rope

How do you use the word taut in a sentence?

Hold the sheet taut as you and I fold it. You pull away from me and your hands apart. That should keep the sheet taut.

What rhymes with bought and means pulled tightly?

The word "taut" rhymes with "bought" and means pulled tightly.

What is the homonym of the word taught?

The homonym of the word "taught" is "taut." "Taught" is the past tense of the verb "teach," meaning to instruct or educate, while "taut" means pulled or drawn tight.

What is the base word for taut?


What is a homonym for the word taught?


What are the antonyms of the word taut?

slack, loose