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maybe $5, it depends on how much you spend on soap anbd other accs.

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Q: What is a resonable price for two 13 year old girls to wash cars for?
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do you have usaed wash machines at resonable price top load preffred?

Reasonably priced, used washing machines of the top load variety are available for purchase.

How can 12 year old girls earn money in Australia?

Wash cars, wash windows, clean shoes, wash the dishes, dry the dishes, hang the clothes out on the line and mow the grass

How many cars get washed at a car wash?

It depends on how fast somebody wash cars the faster you wash the more cars you can was

How do 14 year old girls earn money?

Well Im 13 and I: Wash Dishes, Feed Pets, Wash Cars, Baby-Sit, and help my mom(Michelle)haha, around the house!!! Hope I Helped!!!

The owner of a car wash wanted to see how long customers took to wash the cars calculate the expected value to wash the cars?

car wash people get paid 6:00 dallers maxmim

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They make a car wash, then test it out on many people. The song was made to go along with the video, Phineas and Ferb washing peoples cars with Isabella and the firesight girls.

Daria can wash and detail 3 cars in 2 hours Larry can wash and detail the same 3 cars in 1hour and 30 minutes About how long will it take to wash and detail the 3 cars Daria and Larry worked together?

2 days

Can you wash cars in your homes in Texas?


What jobs for women are with cars?

car wash ! :)

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You can offer to wash cars for people in your town/ city/ village. a decent price would be £2 per car.

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