How many cars get washed at a car wash?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It depends on how fast somebody wash cars the faster you wash the more cars you can was

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Q: How many cars get washed at a car wash?
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Wash past tense with example?

Washed is the past tense of wash. She washed her car yesterday.

How many cars in the us need to be washed?

Every car needs to be washed especially them dirty ones

How do you have a car wash?

speak with a local business about having your car wash on there property. They will say yes because it helps there business> * Your question is a bit unclear, do you want to have your car washed? or do you want to start a car wash business? If you are looking to having your car washed look for local or franchise war washes in your area contact them and have your car washed... If you are looking to start a car wash, find businesses that offer car franchise for car wash in your area and they will be able to help you with setting up a car wash business.

If a school fundraiser allows 10 to wash a car and 20 to wash an SUV They make 1700 by washing 105 vehicles How many of each kind do they wash?

They would have washed 40 cars at 10 each and 65 SUVs at 20 each for a total of 105 vehicles and 1700.

What should you say after after the car is washed?

If someone washed it for you: Thank you for washing the car, I greatly appriciate it! If you wash the car: I'm finished washing the car!

What part of speech is wash?

Wash can be used as a verb and a noun.Verb: I washed my car yesterday.Noun: It needed a good wash.

How does car wash affect the environment?

If the runoff from a car wash is not captured, many pollutants (petroleum, brake dust, etc) from a vehicle can be washed into storm drains or seeped into ground water.

Cars per hours at car wash?

A car wash will charge you depending on how big or small your car is.

Songs about cleaning cars?

Car Wash Car Wash the one that is in sharktale. that is like working at the car wash ya wowowowowo

A car wash costs 7 for a car 12 for trucks if 370 is collected for 40 vehicles how many cars and trucks were washed?

22 cars and 18 trucksLet x = the number of cars. Since you know a total of 40 vehicles were washed, 40 minus the number of cars (x) is the number of trucks.7x +12(40-x) = 3707x + 480 - 12x = 370-5x = -110x = 2240 - 22 = 18To check:22 * 7 + 18 * 12154 + 216370

What type of auto accessories do car washes usually sell?

Most car washes do not sell auto accessories. In the style in which one drives through the wash and the car is cleaned by machines, there is generally no vendor. In a do-it-yourself styled car wash, there is of course no vendor, either. Another style of car wash is the fundraiser type in which cars are washed by hand. Because of this, most types don't sell car accessories. Many car washes are independently owned, so each car wash can be different. There are a few that might sell oil and the like.

Elijah and Devon earned 73.00 this weekend they charge 5.00 to mow a yard and 12.00 to wash a car How many yards did they mow and how many cars did they wash?

4 cars and 5 yards.