What is a fast car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lots of cars are considered "fast." Corvettes, Porsche's, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, etc.OK the fastest cars are in foreign countries. the fastest car in the world is a consign [European car]

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Q: What is a fast car?
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What is a palindrome for a very fast car?

race car

Why are car fast?

the actual car is not fast, it is the human driving that decides to make it go "fast"

Is a 5 cylinder car fast?

It depends what your definition of fast is. Most any car can go fast.

When was Fast Car created?

Fast Car was created on 2005-04-04.

What tells you how fast you are going in a car?

A speedometer tells you how fast you are going in a car.

How fast was the oldest motor car?

fast...very fast.

What car is fast?

Vipers and Ferraris are fast.

How fast is my car?

Depends on what your cars is. If its a fast car it will be one of these here

How fast can a 1930 car go?

Same with any car, as fast as you can afford to make it. :)

How fast is 161MPH in a car?

161 MPH in a car is pretty fast. Normally, only performance cars will go that fast.

Is there a sentence with fast being used as an adjective?

Yes. Example: He bought a fast car. Fast is an adjective describing car.

How fast is the wave board?

as fast as you can make it go or if you get pulled along by a car on 1 you can go as fast as the car can go