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bad shocks

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Q: What if your truck shakes when you go over 50 mph but it only happens sometimes What could be wrong?
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When at a stop the truck shakes?

The Vehicle shakes because of the virbration produced by the engine at the stop sing

Reasons why truck shakes when you step on the brake?

Could be several things.Bad Rotor or Drum Something looseYou should get it checked immediately

Why does a 91 s-10 truck slow down when the gas pedal is to the floor and shakes also?

It could be in need of a serious tune up.

What does it mean when you step on the gas and your truck shakes?

Time for a tune up.

When driving down the road pickup truck shakes badly then stops and after a while shakes again?

Its either timing or fuel intake problem.

When you go to accelerate your truck hesitates and shakes a little what is wrong?

carburettar needs adjusting

When stopping my truck it shakes why?

You more than likely have at least one warped rotor.

When coming to a stop the front end of your truck shakes What are some of the possible causes?

I'd start with the disk brake rotors. If one or both is warped it could cause the problem you describe.

Your truck shakes at 45- 55 mph?

check and replace tires and tie rod ends as neccassary

How to reset an alarm on ml320 after the battery was replaced on the remote?

the truck has to go to the dealer and get recoded to the car. this happens sometimes on the ml. i work for the dealer.

What do yo need to replace when your 1996 Ford truck shakes when you apply the brakes only?

probably brake rotors and pads.

What would make a truck 1995 Chevy fwd shakes and vibrates when braking?

i dn't know. when you find out let me know..