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Could be several things.
Bad Rotor or Drum Something loose
You should get it checked immediately

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2009-11-10 22:19:33
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Q: Reasons why truck shakes when you step on the brake?
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Why do your blinkers not work when your brake lights do work?

probley your fuse on your car/truck is blown to check step one : you find your fuse box. step two: you find the blinker fuse. step 3: pull it out look in it and if you see a crack in the bar across the fuse the fuse is blown. hope this helps

Car shakes when you step on the gas?

There are many possibilities: Bad motor mount Weak spark low fuel pressure Has anyone done maintenance/repairs??? If you open hood and power brake car in drive and reverse you can see the engine jump if you have a bad motor mount

Why does your parking brake warning light come on?

If it comes on when you step on the brake pedal you might need to bleed your brakes. Also check your brake fluid in the master cylinder.

How do you turn off manual car?

Step 1) Make sure the car is in a stationary position. (not rolling) Step 2) While applying the clutch and brake put the gear into neutral. (assuming you are not parking on a hill) Step 3) Release the clutch. Step 4) Apply the handbrake. Step 5) Release the brake. Step 6) Turn off the key in the ignition. WARNING: I have never driven a manual car in my life so I totally don't know what i'm talking about but I think that this might be right....

What causes thumping when you step on the breaks?

It is most likely caused by a rotor that is warped. When you step on the brake pedal, the brake pads pulse against the uneven surface, causing a "thumping" you can feel. Other possibilities could include a bad wheel bearing or a tire that has tread that is separating.

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What does it mean when you step on the gas and your truck shakes?

Time for a tune up.

I have a 04 Mercedes C230 Kompressor Sport Sedan When I step on my brake my car shakes especially when I'm in sport mode And also the brakes sometimes squeaks too when I step on them?

If the car shakes when you press on the brakes, you probably have warpped brake rotors, and the squeak is probably some worn out front brake pads. I would have your rotors checked and either replaced (which Mercedes highly recommends or re-surfaced)

Step by Step instructions for brake replacement for 2001 F250 Super Duty Ford Truck 4wd?

Remove the tire and wheel. Remove the brake pad Springs. The brake pads and break assembly will come off. Reverse the process to install the new brake pads.

Why does your 1997 grand jeep chorekee steering wheel shakes when I step on the brakes to hard?

You probably have warped brake rotors. You'll need to have them replaced or resurfaced.

Where is the bright light switch on your 1979 Chevy truck?

on the floor usually by the e brake you just step on it to turn it on and off

How pedometers work?

Actually you have to input the size of one of your step. Everytime a pedometer shakes it records a step. The more your waist shakes (which occurs when your walking) you will gain distance!

When your Dodge Neon decelerates the engine shakes as if it were about to die but when you step on the brakes it recovers Hasn't died on you yet but there's always a feeling that someday it will?

I would check for a vacuum leak in your brake booster.

Why car shakes when step on break?

sounds like your break rotors could be warped.

Where is the brake booster located on a 1969 Chevy C60 truck?

I am not sure about a 69 C60 but I am guessing it is not in the standard area, if that is the case, my motor home has it on the power steering pump... as I recall, 69 Chevy c60 booster is behind driver side step to get in truck

Are brake lights sussoposed to come on without the car on?

If you step on the brake pedal , yes

How do you use the back brake on a dirt bike?

Step on the brake pedal? Not sure what you are asking.

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Learning how to drive a dump truck.

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