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If you sell a car with broken frame and you did not notify the seller or put it under writing (disclose) you can get sued. In America lemon use car law protect buyer from getting defective product so as long as you put it in writing, disclose to the buyer, and have them initial or sign it; you will be fine.

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Q: What if you sell a car with a broken frame?
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Can car dealership sell car with window broken?


Can you still drive a car with a broken frame?

NO, not safe to do so

Can a dealer sell a used car with a bad frame?

They can sell you anything. You can also sue them for a refund, but you will have to prove they knew about the bent or rusted frame.

Is it illegal to sell car with rusted frame and not tell buyer?

No it is not illegal. It is recommended that you inspect a car before you buy.

When was A Broken Frame created?

A Broken Frame was created in 1919-12.

Can a car dealer sell a car if they do not tell you it has a bent frame?

Yes you should always get a report on a car if it's used (; I own a dealership

Is it against the law to for a garage to sell a second hand car with a broken horn?

Yes the goods are faulty, the car is not roadworthy.

Sell car with a broken odometer?

Anyone can sell a car with a broken odometer legally by disclosing in the bill of sale that the "true mileage is unknown". Contact your local DMV - some states (I believe California is one of them) which forbids any car to be sold, or operated without a functioning odometer.

Can a broken car frame be fixed?

Yes it can. It depends on the extent of the damage and where the damage is located on the frame itself. You can weld cracks and straighten bends. Please seek a professional mechanic.

Can a Dealer sell a car with a bent frame in the State of Florida?

No. Don't sell cars with bent frames. It's not nice. Or very profitable. Have a nice day.

What are the release dates for Broken Frame - 2010?

Broken Frame - 2010 was released on: USA: 1 September 2010

Can you sell a car with a broken speedometer in the UK?

Yes you can, but you must not attempt to hide any known faults.