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No. Don't sell cars with bent frames. It's not nice. Or very profitable. Have a nice day.

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Q: Can a Dealer sell a car with a bent frame in the State of Florida?
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Can a dealer sell a used car with a bad frame?

They can sell you anything. You can also sue them for a refund, but you will have to prove they knew about the bent or rusted frame.

What is the repair cost of bent car frame?

The cost of a bent frame really depends on the amount it is bent and the location. The price range varies.

Can a car dealer sell a car if they do not tell you it has a bent frame?

Yes you should always get a report on a car if it's used (; I own a dealership

How do you change bent frame on a 1995 eagle talon?

I ha a bent frame on my 95 from hurricane damage they put it on a frame puller and its as good as new.

Is it possable to fix a Bent frame on a 1999 camaro?

No. The most common way to tell if a frame is bent is if the roof is buckled.

Can my truck be fixed if my frame is bent?


A bent frame will cause?

improper tracking

Can you sue a used car dealer for selling you a car with a bent frame in tn?

The answer is yes, you can sue anyone for anything. However, whether you can WIN any lawsuit is a matter of whether you can convince a jury or judge that the other party was responsible for the problem (normally, it has to do with whether the other party was negligent in some way). However, if a car dealer sold you a car with a bent frame, you have a pretty decent chance of winning the lawsuit.

How can you fix a bent chassie?

Frame straightening machine

Is your truck frame bent?

nope, thanks for asking

Can a bent frame on a 2007 Chevy truck be repaired?

A auto body repair shop with a frame machine can repair the frame.

Can a bent frame on a 2004 Chevy truck be repaired?

Depends on whether a frame shop can straighten it.

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