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Bad or clogged heater core. Backflush it.

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Q: What if you have antifreeze but car still produces no heat?
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What will happen if you drive car with a antifreeze leak?

The car will over heat.

What type of car antifreeze is safest to the environment?

The type of car antifreeze that is safest to the environment is propylene glycol antifreeze. While it is still not totally safe, it is less toxic than other antifreeze.

Can no antifreeze cause no heat in a vehicle?

Yes, if your vehicle is low on antifreeze, there may not be enough to fill the heater core, and you wont get any heat. When the heat stops working in your car, antifreeze/coolant should be the first thing you check.

Does antifreeze make the heat in a car work?

Yes, if your low on antifreeze, there may not be enough to fill the heater core, and you wont get any heat. If your heat is not blowing that should be the first thing you check.

Antifreeze enters interior of car when heat is on?

the heater core is leaking and needs replaced

Would no antifreeze stop car from blowing heat in winter?

Yes definitely. The antifreeze cools the engine by carrying the heat out of the engine and through the radiator where the heat is dissipated. The antifreeze also passes through the heater core, a fan blows over the heater core and produces the heat for inside the car. While there are a number of reasons that the heater inside the car could stop working, no or low antifreeze is certainly one of the primary culprits. Furthermore, this is a very serious situation as not having enough antifreeze will cause the engine to overheat and seize up causing total engine failure which will be very costly to fix. The most important thing anti freeze does is to keep the liquid in the cooling system from freezing, if there is no anti freeze and the liquid freezes and turns to a solid it will expand and crack the engine block and heads or pop out the freeze plugs if you are lucky, always keep anti freeze in your cooling system, never straight water.

Why does car over heat and water fog up windshield And the smell of antifreeze stong in car?

Typical of the heater core leaking. Overheat because of low fluid and pressure. Foggy windshield due to heater core leaking and will smell antifreeze in the car.

What happens if you put full strengh antifreeze in your car?

It will overheat because the water is needed to circulate/transfer the heat.

Why does a car overheat when there is still antifreeze in it?

Generally, if your car overheats with the proper level of antifreeze, either your water pump has gone bad (not circulating fluid), the thermostat is stuck, or your radiator is clogged up inside. -NAPAman

What can cause white smoke coming out of vents?

That is probably antifreeze steam. Your heater core is a small radiator used to heat your car. The engine heats the antifreeze and circulates it through the heater core. Your blower blows heat through the core (radiator) into the car, and warms you. If the core gets a small leak, it will put out steam.

Why would a car leak antifreeze only when the heat is on inside the car but doesn't leak when the heat isn't on?

The heater in a car is a little radiator under the dashboard. It's called the heater core. There's a valve in the water system that sends hot coolant into the heater core when you turn on the heat, and keeps the coolant in the engine when you don't want heat. If the car is leaking antifreeze when the heat is on but not when it's off, something in the heater system has a hole in it. Because there's always coolant in the heater core and the hoses that feed it, my first thought is the valve itself is bad.

Why is it that when I turned off the heat in my car it started leaking mass amounts of antifreeze outside of the car and smoke and condensation started coming out of the vents?

u need to replace the heater core in your car