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Yes, if your vehicle is low on antifreeze, there may not be enough to fill the heater core, and you wont get any heat.

When the heat stops working in your car, antifreeze/coolant should be the first thing you check.

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Q: Can no antifreeze cause no heat in a vehicle?
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Can the loss of antifreeze cause you to lose your heat?

Yes, low coolant can cause a loss of heat in the cabin.

Can a stuck open thermostat cause a loss of antifreeze?

yes if your vehicle over heats

Why do you smell antifreeze in the cab of your Subaru?

Antifreeze is used to heat the cab of your vehicle. When you turn on your heat in your cab, it opens up a valve that allows the hot antifreeze to flow from the radiator into the heater core. If there is a leak in the rubber tubes that flow into the heater core, or if the heatercore is damaged, you will smell the antifreeze in the cab of the vehicle. You may need new hoses to the heater core and/or a new heater core.

Will no antifreeze in the car cause the temperature gauge to go up?

Yes, because your vehicle will overheat.

What could be wrong with your car if you can smell antifreeze through the heat and air vents inside the vehicle?

the heater core may be plugged up

How do toxic are antifreeze fumes?

Antifreeze fumes can be toxic. Breathing them can cause health problems. If your vehicle is leaking coolant, especially from the heater core use care and repair the leak as soon as possible.

On a 2004 grand prix what would cause the heater to blow cold air?

heat core. leak. thermostat. no antifreeze.

Does it matter what antifreeze you use?

Yes , the Owner Guide will show the antifreeze specifications for the vehicle

Is GM's antifreeze good for the life of the vehicle?


What is the cause of smelling antifreeze with the heat on and how do you fix it?

Coolant leak, possible heater core. Suggest to have it pressure tested to find leak.

1998 Ford Ranger heater core?

Can a bad heatercore cause antifreeze to come out overflow jug. And heat go off and on.

Why is there no heat at idle in a dodge van?

Lack of antifreeze or wrong mix of antifreeze and water.

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