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If the car is insured and covers other drivers, the damage will be covered to the limits of the policy. If not, they're on their own.

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Q: What if a minor uninsured driver has an accident in parents car?
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What if you are a licensed minor driving your parents uninsured car and get into an accident where you were at fault should the judgment be placed on the minor or the parents?

You should get in trouble because you caused the accident.

If a 15 year old unlicensed minor learning to drive with an uninsured adult has an accident who is liable the parents of the minor or the uninsured driving instructor?

The owner of the vehicle is usually held liable.

If a minor is uninsured under her parents auto policy and is involved in an auto accident will it be covered under her parent's policy?

Actually, I think her parents are responsible for any damages because she a minor, so the parents the ones who will be sued or have to pay for any damages of the minor child.

If an unlicensed uninsured minor driving a car with the owners permission has a parking lot accident is the owner liable or the minors parent?

The insurance company is not liable for paying damages. The minor was knowingly breaking the law by driving w/o a license. The parent of the child will be held liable for damages. As will the person/owner of the vehicle if they knew the minor was not a legally licensed driver. If you let an un liscensed/uninsured minor driver your vehicle, your asking for it. If you werent the parent of the minor, they could sue you as well for neglect.

Can you take the driver that hit you in accident to court he was underage and it was a hit and run?

You would need to take either the parents of the minor or the owner of the vehicle to court.

If an uninsured driver lives in your house are you responsible if they have an accident?

There are 3 possibilities: You ARE responsbile (or partly responsible) If (1) the un-insured driver is a minor and you are their parent or guardian (2) you are the owner or part-owner of the vehicle they are driving (3) the un-insured driver is on your insurance. Other than those factors, you would not be responsible for them.

What legal rights do you have when you are involved in an auto accident with a young uninsured unlicensed person?

Not sure what you mean by 'legal rights' you are due (assuming other driver is 100% at fault for the loss), to be put back in the same condition you were prior to the loss, even though they are uninsured and unlicensed, you don't say if the driver is a minor, if so perhaps you could look to the parents for payment. Is the owner of the vehicle different than the driver? If so that is another party to look to. I would file it with my own insurance company and let them handle this. If you do not have collision coverage, then I would start by filing a state report naming all parties.

Is a noncustodial parent liable for a minor child's accident if it is in the custodial parents car?


If unlicensed minor is given keys to parents car and finds themselves too drunk to drive causing equally unlicensed minor to drive and get into accident who bears liability for all damages?

The parents of the first child. Insurance will not cover this because a policy holder has a duty not to let unlicensed driver have their vehicle, whether a minor or not. The first parents are responsible because they knowingly let their child drive without a license and their kid let an unlicensed drunk driver drive their vehicle.

Can parents be sued for liability of a 16 year old driver on their insurance in the event of an accident?

Was the minor driving the vehicle? How did he/she get a hold of the vehicle's keys? If this is the case, yes, you can, it is called "contributory negligence". In all actuality, you can sue anybody in the US. However, in your case, you sue the minor, but the minor's parents/insurance co will be held accountable for all damages.

Is at fault driver responsible for her cosmetic bumper repair in minor accident?

Actually, this will be covered by your insurance co.

Is an uninsured vehicle a minor traffic violation?

In England and Wales it is a serious criminal offence to be uninsured on the highway.