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Q: What happens if you put gas in the car when its on?
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What happens if you put ketchup in the gas tank?

if you put ketchup in your gas tank the car will not work appropriatlley because when u put gas the ketchup will probbaly pulg up the car

What happens if you put wrong type of gas in your car I Accidentally put super unleaded instead of regular unleaded gas.?

Nothing happens, except your wallet will be lighter.

What happens if you put wrong type of gas in your car i accidentally put regular umleaded gas instead of premium gas?

you will be ok MIGHT notice a very s;ight decrease in performance

What happens when you put old gas in a car?

it will make it spit and sputter and tear up ur engine

Ran out of gas now car will not start Chevy uplander?

You probably destroyed the fuel pump, which happens a lot when you run a fuel-injected car out of gas.

Why won't your car start after you put gas in it?

We need a little more info here. Did the car run out of gas before you refilled it and ran into the "won't start" problem? OR, does this happen every time you put fuel in the car? I'd guess that sometimes, the car might start? Can you help us out with details, please?! FriPilot It happens every time i put gas in it.

What happens if you put dirt bike gas in a car?

It might smoke a little and eventually ruin the fuel system.

What happens if diesel gets put into a gas car?

The engine may not start and/or have poor performance. Drain gas tank and fill with proper fuel.

Does it help to put regular gas into your car when you put diesel in it?

Never put gas in a diesel car. And never put diesel in a gas car. An engine is built to handle one and not the other.

Where you put gas in the car?

Into the gas tank.

How do you put gas in a car?

open the gas door on side of car and then twist the (nozzle- cap) and put the gas despencer in it and start pumping

Can you put gas from a lawnmower in a car?

if its regular gas