What effect do cars have on the earth?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they give off polution that's harmful to the earth's atmoshere and release wasteful gases CO2 into the atmoshere but modern cars dont cause much damage.

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Q: What effect do cars have on the earth?
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How is cow burps effect the planet earth?

i't effect the planet by how much gas we need for cars and more

How does wind speed effect cars?

Wind speed may affect cars, effect change to aspects of cars or have an effect upon cars but, to say that wind speed effects cars is most likely a typo. I recommend changing the question.

How many cars are there on earth?

There are over 806 million cars on the earth!

How are cars harmful?

cars pollute the earth

Are all cars negative earth?

No. A lot of cars in the 1960's had positive earth.

Why are solar cars important?

Since solar cars are powered by solar energy, the environment benefits greatly because of the greenhouse effect. Less vehicles on the roads burning fuel harming the earth's ozone layer.

How do cars effect the enviorment?

cars affect the environment with gasses polluting the air

How many cool cars are there?

there is a lot of cool cars on are earth

Why without greenhouse effect earth would freeze?

OK, It wont freeze. Earth has atmospheres which kind of keep SOME heat in but still releasing extra. The greenhouse effect wont freeze earth the less greenhouse emissions the better. Greenhouse effect is when their is ALOT of carbon in the air from cars and the sun's rays come onto Earth but wont leave. WHich causes the Earth to heat up, and in no time we will end up like Mars.... dead

How does road effect animals?

by crashing into cars

What are facts about cars?

cars don't help the earth the hurt earth and they hurt people

How cars pollute the earth?

The bad gas pollutes the earth.