How are cars harmful?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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cars pollute the earth

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Q: How are cars harmful?
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What are the harmful effects of CARS to your environment?

The harmful effects of CARS to our environment is the carbon monoxide

Parts of cars going rusty- harmful or Useful?


Why is using electric cars better than using fuel powered cars?

Electric cars dont produce harmful emissions

What is one way harmful way friction affects cars?

Cars don't get better gas or mileage.

What comes out of cars that is harmful?

CO, CO2, HC gases.

What on a car reduces harmful emissions from cars?

The catalytic converter converts harmful chemicals in exhaust gases into less harmful ones using platinum.

How much brake fluid would be harmful to drink?

Also One Drink Can Be Harmful Because It Specially Made For Cars.

Petrol used in car engine useful or harmful?

the carbon dioxide which comes from the burned petrol of cars is definitely harmful if you directly breathe it in, but not really harmful otherwise

How can cars become less harmful to the ecosystem?

By having its oil properly recycled.

What are some bad things about cars?

They produce harmful gases which pollutes the air.

Why are hydrogen powered cars considered environmentally friendly?

They produce no harmful emissions.

How cars affect the ozone layer?

the carbon monoxide from exuse pipe is harmful