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It caould mean a couple of things. 1: Your cars radiator is going to crap. 2: something is wrong with the engine.

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Q: What does it mean when your car starts to run hot?
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Something that starts with b that helps a car run?

A battery helps a car run, and it starts with a B.

What does it mean if a car starts sputtering?

There are many possiblities what it could mean. It could be the cylinders misfiring, or the car could run out of fuel. Another possility would be that water got in the tank.

Can a bad thermostat cause your car to run cold?

If stuck open the car will run cold. If stuck closed the car will run hot.

Can a bad alternator make a car run hot?

No it can not. If the belt is missing that could cause it to run hot.

What makes a car run hot going 70 mph?

Low anti-freeze makes a car run hot going 70 mph.

Why do car engines get hot?

Car engines get hot to run generally but if you mean over heated it means that your coolant level is low and you could go buy coolant or you could just fill it with water

What helps a car run that starts with the letter ba?


After about 5 to 10 minutes of driving your car starts to run hot why 1998 cavalier?

When the car reaches normal operating temperature, open the hood and see if the radiator fan is running or starts to run before the engine runs hot. If the fan doesn't come on, the problem is either a bad relay or fan motor. If the fan comes on but engine still runs hot, problem may be thermostat stuck in closed position, faulty water pump, low/no coolant, or clogged radiator.

What is something that helps a car run that starts with ''B''?

A battery, and bearings help a car run. Bulbs help at night. Brakes help it stop.

When the heat light in your 1994 Mazda Capella comes on when you turn the car on and stays on but the car appears to run normally and isn't hot what could this mean?

the temp sensor seems to be bad

Is your car running hot when the temperature gauge is at the halfway mark?

That depends on what the car is supposed to run at.

Can blown head gaskets make your car run hot?