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There are many possiblities what it could mean. It could be the cylinders misfiring, or the car could run out of fuel. Another possility would be that water got in the tank.

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Q: What does it mean if a car starts sputtering?
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Why is my muffler sputtering?

Usually a sputtering muffler means that a new catalytic converter is needed. The sputtering sound is the car misfiring.

What causes sputtering in Subaru legacy?

I sometimes sputter when I'm nervous. Please reword the question and tell me what year and engine and describe what you are doing with the car when "sputtering" occurs. Would help if you can think of additional description of what you mean by "sputtering".

How to you check for a car sputtering problem?

You go to a mechanic!

My 1999 Ford Taurus is running hot why?

I have a 1999 ford taurus 24 valve 6 cylinder car that when it gets hot it starts sputtering and shuts off. Once cooled down car starts and runs till it gets hot again. Thanks Peg

Your Honda civic is sputtering at high RPM?

If a car is sputtering at high RPMs, the fuel pressure needs to be checked. If the fuel pump can't keep up, this will cause sputtering. Also, the car should be checked to make sure the valves are adjusted properly.

What does it men haen your car is sputtering?

It needs a tune up.

Why is your car smoking from the tailpipe and sputtering?

Timing issue, poor ignition.

What makes the engine shut down and car sputtering after warming up?


What is the cause of car sputtering while driving and now will not start?


Will a clog fuel fiter make a car sputter and bog down?

It does not always mean that will happen, but it is certainly a common cause and if your car is sputtering and bogs down it would be one of the first things to check.

What are the signs of water in a gas tank?

it will feel as if you are running out of gas, the car will start sputtering.

What is the difference between a car sputtering and a car missin?

Sputtering is almost like a person spitting. The car runs but it doesn't have full power, could actually sound like someone spitting. Missing is when there is a consistent and constant slight jerking or vibration. Unless it is really bad it is hard to feel.