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could mean many things.

the Power Steering pump takes power from the engine to turn the wheels.

if your pump is taking too much (bad pump) or if your motor is making too little power (misfire or other problem) it will be too much for the engine. Or you might simply have a loose earth tween engine an body causin a shut off - check braided earth strap for a break or corrosion..

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Q: What does it mean when your car just cut off when turning the conner?
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What does it mean when the car makes a groaning noise when turning a corner?

The front wheel bearing is bad. The sound will be more pronounced when turning one way but not the other. The bad bearing is on the side of the car opposite the turning since more weight is on that side of the car when turning.

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What does it mean when your steering wheels makes noise when turning?

the car may be low on power steering fluid

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What does it mean when your car just keep whirling over?

Starter solenoid is bad. I assume you mean engine turning over, not starting, but continuing to turn over after key is released. Disconnect battery cable from post, then replace starter solenoid.

What causes your car to stall while turning?

If the car is starving for fuel or air (low power at idle), the car will stall while turning.

What does it mean if your car just stops working even if its in drive?

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