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It could be that it is neglected coolant that is rusty, However, engine oil could be entering the cooling system via a cracked head gasket. Check the engine oil dipstick and oil filler cap. If there is a white milky substance on either. see your mechanic right away! Do not run the engine until the problem is corrected. that is an excellent answer but you mite try draining it and flushing out the system until you get clean water coming out let it drain empty then put an anti rust and

fresh coolant in and see what happens, you MAY save some money?!!! That is a good idea IF it can be confirmed that the coolant is not contaminated with oil.first. This is where a qualified mechanic with proven tests and equipment can save money. i was a mechanic for 40 years

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Q: What does it mean when your car coolant is brown and thick?
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What does brown water mean in the water bottle off a car?

It means the coolant is contaminated with rust and needs to be changed ASAP.

What does it mean when coolant is leaking from the car?

If coolant is leaking from a car it means that your radiator has a hole in it. If this is not fixed the car will over heat.

What does it mean when car oil is dark and thick?

It is dark and thick

Why is Water is coming into the car and overheating?

If you mean engine coolant is getting into the car, the heater core is leaking coolant causing the coolant level to drop and that causes the engine to over heat.

1997 Volvo V70 coolant sensor located?

If you mean for Coolant level sensor it is on the bottom of the plastic coolant dish on the passenger side of the car.

Can a car overheat when the water system is leaking?

If by water you mean engine coolant, yes. Loss of coolant, antifreeze, is a major cause of overheating.

Can water leaks make a car overheat?

If by water you mean engine coolant, yes. Loss of coolant, antifreeze, is a major cause of overheating.

Is car coolant different to truck coolant?


How much coolant do you need to put in your car?

The bigger your car, the more coolant you need to put in. The bigger your engine and car, the more coolant you need

What does low coolant mean?

In a Chevy Lumina, low coolant means that the car needs more anti-freeze/coolant added. This is needed to keep the engine from getting too hot

Why do car engines get hot?

Car engines get hot to run generally but if you mean over heated it means that your coolant level is low and you could go buy coolant or you could just fill it with water

Why is my engine coolant thick and yellow?

oil is emulisifieing,drive the car at the speed limit on highway for 25,30 miles at a time, this will get the oil up to correct operating temp.