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when it is under load it means that more and more is being demanded from the engine, be it from speeding up or turning on all auxillaries

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Q: What does it mean when the car engine is under load?
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What does it mean when your car shutters?

typically a vibration due to worn, bent parts or out of tune engine under a specific work load.

Why does your car lose RPM when driving?

If you mean why the difference in RPMs between idling and driving, the difference is due to the engine load; At idle, the engine isn't really doing much other than staying running, but under load (driving) the engine has to put its power out to the drivetrain, hence the symptomatic loss of engine speed (RPMs).

What would cause an engine to die every time a car stops?

Could be fuel or electrical problem. Does the car start and run okay the first time you start it? Does the engine run smoothly under load?

What does it mean if when the car is running there is a a foam under the oil cap?

You probably have a cracked engine block and engine coolant is mixing with engine oil.

Why does my car's RPM increase when reducing speed on hills?

That's good; it means when under a load, the engine is shifting to a lower gear like it is supposed to do.

What does it mean when your car shakes when you accelerate?

There is something wrong with it. Or you have one serious engine under the hood

Where do you load freon into the AC system of a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am?

the value to load the freon for a 1997 grand am is under the engine you would have to lift the front of car up and you should see the value on the right passenger side

What does engine mean specificly?

engine is the big metal thing under the hood that makes the car move. it needs oil and gas to run

If the front end of your car is shaking when you stop does that mean you need a new transmission?

My first guess would be the front end alignment and possibly the brakes. During braking, you engine and transmission are not under a load so they should not cause any vibration.

Is get to a engine hard?

No- it is designed to be accessible in case of needed repairs (assuming you mean car) it is under hood on most

Why does your engine knock when you accelerate but then stop after a while?

The engine is overloaded in case it of generator set or any other load and in case of a car the vehicle is not engage in lower gear as per load and engine rpm.

Why does your air conditioner go off when your car engine is under a load?

some cars are designed to turn off comp when kicked into passing gear to give you more power