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Probably trying to get someone's attention or is in transport to a minor emergency.

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Q: What does it mean when a cop car only has its lights on?
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Is a cop car still a cop car when there cop in the car?

yes and no

What is the ratio of regular cars to cop cars?

I dont exactly mean by your question but most cops have the car Crown Victoria made by Ford. But after you are in the police force for over 2 year you car have the offer to buy you own car and they will put lights on it and other stuff to it so it would be a cop car. I think i might have answer your question but if you have any other question just let me know.

Is a cop car still a cop car when there is no cop in the car?

yes, because it is still a cop's car... he/she just isn't in it at the precise moment.... my car is still my car even if I'm not in it

Can radar detectors tell you if a cop car is near you?

Only if he has his radar gun on. Radar detectors are not cop detectors.

Is it illegal to put cop lights on your bike if you are not a cop?

In the UK it certainly is.

Can you be a police officer on gta iv ps3?

no well not that i know of the only way to become a cop is to steal a cop car

If you have an arrest warrant can a cop search locked compartments in your car?

yes, but only after they arrest you

Why the cop car chase you when you drive a cop car like him?

Because you're breaking the law.

What is the worlds coolest cop car?

the worlds coolest cop car is located in London it is a lamborghini

When was Cop Car EP created?

Cop Car EP was created on 2009-08-09.

Can you pull over some one in a cop car on grand theft auto 4?

Niko can only pull someone over in a cop car in a normal GTA 4 game during the mission he carries out for Mikhail Faustin, called Crime & Punishment. The only other way it might be different is if there is a mod or a cheat. However, if he is driving along in a cop car otherwise, and has the police siren turned on, motorists on the road will try and pull out of his way to let the cop car go through.

Can you drive your car with expired license?

Not legally. You can do anything but that doesn't mean you won't get in trouble for it if a cop catches you.