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that would be your engine, it cause your car to die with no way to crank it or anything, that happened to my Jetta once, it jumped time allot.

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Q: What does it mean when a car motor jumps time?
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What does it mean if the motor jumps when you put the car in drive?

If it literally "jumps", it's a bad motormount.

What does it mean when your car jumps?

The car has a boo boo

What does it mean when your car jumps while you're driving?

Not sure what you mean by "jumps". Maybe you need new struts or shocks.

Will a car still start if it jumps time?

If it is very far out of time it will not start

Why does your car jumps when shifting from park to drive?

The most common problem I have seen is a failed motor or trans mount.

What is wrong with my car The car jumps when I am stopped at a light that makes me feel I am going to hit the car in front of me. It only does it when I am Idle and not parked?

mine does the same. my problem is the motor mount

What is the foot print you need for the motor and can you replace the motor with a standard car motor?

What do you mean footprint? but yes you can replace a motor with a standard car motor.

Car cuts off after it jumps sputters and shakes?

Time for a serious tune up.

Where can one view videos with insane car jumps?

The best place to view videos with insane car jumps is YouTube. A YouTube search for insane car jumps returns hundreds of results one could enjoy watching.

MY brake fluid light came on does that mean there is a problem with your braking system?

no and maybe it not connected to your car motor and it motor.

What does it mean when a car hesitates from time to time?

What does it means when car hesitates from time to time

What is a liters mean a car motor?

That is the total of volume of all the cylinders of that engine.

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