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be a tomboy

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Q: What does a teenage boy do if he likes a girl?
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What does a teenage girl if she likes a teenage boy?

waits for him to make the first move. Ask her out

Is it weird that I am a teenage boy 14 and I want an American Girl Doll?

No, there is not anything weird with a teenage boy wanting an American Girl doll.

What do you call a boy who acts likes a girl?

a girl boy

What do you call the girl who likes another girl then likes also a lesbian?

she is simply a lesbian.(wants a girl/woman likes a girl/woman she is a lesbian)(wants a guy/boy likes a guy/boy then he is a gay)

What does it mean when a little boy hits a little girl he likes?

That means the boy likes the girl What elsa does that mean.

Why a teenage boy gest nervous of the girl he stares at?

Shyness. ( :

When can a teenage boy can get a girl pregnant?

Any time they have sex.

How you will come to know that a boy is likes girl?

If a guy look at the girl twice then it means she likes the girl

If your cockatiel likes to bite your clothes is it a boy or a girl?

you can t determinate if your bird is a boy or a girl if he likes to bite your clothes. if a cockatiel is a boy his tail will have patterns on it otherwise if it is a girl she will be plain.

What type reactions is this for example girl takes to another guy in front of her boy who likes her?

may be the girl ignoring the boy who likes her

Should a 13 boy have a girlfriend?

it's not that he "should" or he "shouldn't", if there is a boy who likes a girl and the girl likes him back, then why should they not be together?

As a teenage boy what do you do if you like a girl?

be confident and polite, and tell her you like her. you could also get her something she likes, like candy, but the most important thing is to let her know you like her.