What does Gran Tourismo Omlogato mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Gran Turismo Omologato , or for Pontiac fans, "GTO", is a term used in Italian sports car racing and classification. It means that a sufficient number of particular sports cars were manufactured and sold to allow it to be raced in sanctioned sports car races and classes. For example, in some classes, 500 cars needed to be produced for it to be legal to be raced. This is meant to keep a manufacturer from just making one or two highly tuned cars and monopolizing the racing classes. "Omologato" in English is "homologated", which simply means "officially recognized".

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Q: What does Gran Tourismo Omlogato mean?
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What does GTO stand for?

GTO = Gran Tourismo Omlogato Italian name actually stolen (borrowed?) from Ferrari.

What is omlogato?

The word "Omologato" is Italian for "Approved". The term is generally associated with the "GTO" nomenclature, created by Ferrari, which stands for "Gran Tourismo Omologato" or "Grand Touring Approved" for FIA GT classes.

What does the G in GTO mean?

Gran Tourismo Omlagato a European race similar to LaMans and Gran Prix

What does gto stand for on a pontiac?

gran tourismo omologato a standard car with factory modifications that is approved (omologato) to be entered in the gran tourismo series of motor racing

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What are the songs heard in Gran Tourismo II?

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What do gto mean for a pontaic gto?

grand trismo Omlogato.

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