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possibly a problem with the torque converter locking up, or could be something as simple as a vacuum leak

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Q: What could be the problem if your car starts but turns off when you put it in drive?
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Have a 92 vigor you turn the key it starts but when you release the key turns of what could be the problem already checked main relay?


Car turns off when you put it in drive?

car turn off when put in to drive i hit the gas an it starts shacking an turns off why?

How do you know the problem is the alternator?

If your car doesnt start, it could be the battery. But if the car starts and you unplug the negative cable and the car turns off, its the alternator.

1995 Mazda starts but then turns off?

without knowing more it sounds like it could be a fuel problem, injector, or ground from engine to frame

Semen turns into liquidy is this a big time problem?

No, that's what it does as it starts to deteriorate.

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus Wagon. when i drive it and stop at the light my car starts to rumble or it kinda shakes and then the car turns off. Please help.?

i had the same problem with my car i just got the gear box fixed and changed my oil it could also be your diff

Your truck reverse and turns on but it will not drive what could it be?

The transmission

Your car starts turns off then it backfires?

my car starts every now and again, but when it does start it turns off and then it backfires. i dont know if it is the fuel pump or the sparkplugs or both, please help me find the problem.

Why does your car turns off?

Could be many reasons, could be a fuel management problem, could be an ignition problem, could be a charging system problem, take it to a trusted mechanic and have it diagnosed.

When you pour gas in your carburetor 1995 Jeep Cherokee starts and runs but just turns over if you don't what is the problem?

fuel pump

What could be the problem with starting your 2001 Honda civic when it cranks and turns over but won't start?

could be disdributor

Your car turns off when you stop and starts right back up it happens once in a while?

If you drive a manual car your shifting isn't correct