Car turns off when you put it in drive?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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car turn off when put in to drive i hit the gas an it starts shacking an turns off why?

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Q: Car turns off when you put it in drive?
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What could be the problem if your car starts but turns off when you put it in drive?

possibly a problem with the torque converter locking up, or could be something as simple as a vacuum leak

Is there a trick to get your car to shut off with a timing problem?

Shut it off in drive, then put it in park.

If you put your car in drive before the airbag light is off is the airbag disabled?


Why would your stereo go off for a second when you put your car in drive?

it doesn't to me

What does it mean when you put the car in drive and it just cuts off The car is a 97' Ford Taurus.?

I'd check the Neutral safety switch.

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get in a front wheel drive car with a few stacks of mcdonalds trays under the rear tires, put on the parking brake and drive around an empty parking lot making lots of turns :P

Where is the rotation turn off button on instyler?

It turns off if its not closed. when you put it on your hair AND CLOSES turns on.

Your car shuts off when you put it in drive and smells like gas?

we would need to know what kinda car it is and what motor to give u an idea

93 cadillac eldor when you cut the car on and press the gas it cut off or put it in reverse it cut off or you can drive it for a mile or 2 and it will cut off?

probably..... NOT!!!!!!!!!

Is it bad for your car to turn it off in drive with a automatic transmission?

No but, be sure it has come to a complete stop before you put it in park.

Is there an electronic heater control valve on a 2002 Chevy Tracker?

when you put drive chevy blazer 2002 ls 4wd it turns off, what's the problem

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