What causes a car to overheat at idle?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are many possibilities for this to happen. Here are just a few:

1 - Clogged radiator

2 - A possible leak in the hose

3 - Low on coolant

4- Cooling fan may not be working

5- Defective radiator cap

6. Stuck Thermostat

7. Blown head gasket

If it only overheats at idle and there is no apparent leak and you are not loosing coolant my guess would be the cooling fan is not working. May be a simple blown fuse, defective thermal relay, or a defective cooling fan.

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Q: What causes a car to overheat at idle?
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Can the idle control valve cause a car to overheat?

no it can not.

What causes a car to idle good and run rough when you give it gas?

What causes a car to idle good and run rough when you give it gas?

Can you drive a truck with out a fancluch and fan with out tearing up the motor 95 dodge dakota 5.2L 318 v-8?

It will overheat at idle.It will overheat at idle.

What causes a car to idle at 500 rpm?

That is about your average idle RPM. It depends on what car you have and the age of your car. If it bothers you, i'd recommend going to a place that fixes cars.

What causes a car to jump when it is idle?

Timing belt. misfiring engine

Can low oil cause a car to overheat?

Yes.having low or no oil causes friction in the pistons which will cause car 2overheat.

Can an idle car engine be daming to your car motor?

sitting with your car on at an idle is bad over time...the motor starts to overheat because no cold air is coming in and the engine will use all the engine coolant trying to cool itself.. turn your car off if you are stopped for a long period!!!

What causes your car to idle but not accelerate?

change your fuel filter, it could be plugged.

What causes car to vibrate when ac is running but only when in idle?

Fast idle motor is not working. This is allowing the idle to fall below the threshold of what it should be when the A/C is on.

On a 2001 Hyundai Sonata what causes the car to idle when in park?

Because the engine is running. Shut it off or give it gas and it will not idle.

What causes Altima stalls at idle with the ac running?

When the ac is running the idle should be raised to compensate for the extra load. If the idle isn't rising then the car will cut off.

What causes your car to stall while turning?

If the car is starving for fuel or air (low power at idle), the car will stall while turning.