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a cool whane

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Q: What car seat should I get for a 7 year old?
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Is driving with a 6 and and 8 year old in the front seat of a car with one seatbelt child endangerment?

Yes. The 6-year-old should be in a child safety seat in the back yard. Probably the 8 year old should be as well.

How much is the fine for no seat belt for 5 year old in the rear seat of the car?

Its not the fine that you should worry about but the welfare of the child.

Can a 9 year old ride in the front seat of a car?

A 9 year old child can ride in the front seat of a car. It is important that they are buckled in and can sit still.

Can a 5 year old sit in the front seat of a car in UK?

With a car seat to boost them up, Yes.

Can your 6 year old sit in the front of your car in the UK?

A six year old can be placed in the front seat but they must use a booster seat if they are under 135cm tall. Under no circumstances should a rear facing booster seat be used in the front seat.

Can a 8 year old sit in the back seat with no car seat in Florida?

yes but the 8 year old has to be 4 foot nine

Can a 11 year old sit in the front seat of a car in Vermont?

Can i sit in the front seat i am 11year old?

Should a 5 foot 7 twelve year old be in a car seat?

A 5'7" child can't fit in a child safety seat. Many adults are 5'7".

Is it true that you should not use an infant car seat more than 5 years old?

it is true that you should not use an infants car seat if they are over five they should then be moved on to a booster seat .

Does a 2 year old need a car seat while flying in an airlplane?


Can a 9 year old sit in the front seat of a car?

no they have to be 13 and older

Should I take my 12 year old out of her booster seat?

Whether or not your 12-year-old needs a booster seat in the car depends upon the laws of your state. Each state seems to have different rules about age/weight/height requirements.

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