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Hatchbacks are considered to be the safest types of cars in the entire world. They are compact and very industrial and also tend to have the lowest insurance rate of any other car out there.

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Q: What brand of cars are considered to be the safest in the world?
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What are the safest brand of cars on the market and what makes them so safe?

The safest brand of cars is the German brand Volvo, which has steadily done well in safety tests for years. They are well-designed and durable. The company has tried very hard to maintain a quality car, and has thus far succeeded.

What are the safest 2011 convertible cars?

The safest car to have that is a convertable is a Honda X2V. It is one of the most safest cars around int he whole world. It is nice and very expansive.

What is the Number of cars sold by brand?

There are hundreds of brands of cars in the world.

How many brand are there in the world?

7849 brands of cars in the world love Bethany

What are the top 10 safest cars?

They differ by year, but the safest cars for 2012 are:Buick VeranoBuick LaCrosseAcura TLAudi A3 / A4Chevy Malibu

What are the pros and cons of camry cars?

Camry cars are considered to be safe and reliable. A con in regards to Camry cars is the price. Camry cars are made from Toyota, a Japanese brand. They are popular cars.

Are cars the safest object?

It determines how you use it.

Which European cars was the safest during 1950?


What are the safest cars on the market in Australia?

monster trucks

What size cars are the safest?

Depends faster cars are not that safe so go for bigger but not to fast

Which car manufacturer makes the safest cars?

Chinese Volvo

Where are American cars built?

American brand cars are built in the U.S., Mexico, & Canada. Parts for these vehicles are built all over the world.