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Pros: Car moves

Cons: Car pollutes atmosphere

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Q: What are the pros and cons of using gasoline powered cars?
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How are hybrid cars powered and will buying them make a difference?

There are pros and cons to these vehicles. Firstly, they are powered by two motors. A gasoline powered motor and an electic motor are both programed in them. Here is a website to see a diagram and help answer you question a little better:

What are the pros and cons of using a gasoline generator?

Gasoline generators are generally quite affordable, are typically portable and come in a wide variety of sizes and outputs. However, their emissions are not very environmentally friendly and they are very loud.

What are the pros and cons of gasoline?

more efficient but more pollution

What are the pros and cons of diesel vs gas generators?

Diesel generators are generally more reliable than gas powered ones. Diesel fuel is a bit more cotly than gasoline but oes further.

What is the advantages and disadvantages of using the cars?

Pros: Fast transportation Keeps you out of the weather Attract the ladies Cons: Gas is expensive Polution Constant maintnance

What are the pros and cons of Muscle Cars?

i dont think it exist

What are the pros and cons of gasoline cars?

Gasoline is relatively cheap compared to other types of fuel, such as hydrogen fuel cells. Gasoline is convenient if one is intending to travel a great distance, as other fuel sources do not have as great a density as gasoline does. Also, gasoline stations are everywhere, so it's not difficult to find a place to refuel.However, gasoline creates pollution. There is also not much gasoline left on this planet, as it is a fossil fuel and therefore there is a limited supply--and gasoline is non-renewable. In addition, gas prices are going up, so it will probably not remain cheap for too much longer.

Prose and cons of gasoline cars?

pros faster than diesel,fuel is cheaper.cons cannot use oils as fuel like a diesel.Less power per gallon fuel. I own both a gas engine car,and a diesel

Pros and cons of cars?

Dont say "many" you have to actually answer the question

What are pros and cons of using benzene?

The pros of benzene is apple and the cons of benzene is banana.

What are the pros and cons of camry cars?

Camry cars are considered to be safe and reliable. A con in regards to Camry cars is the price. Camry cars are made from Toyota, a Japanese brand. They are popular cars.

What are solar power cars pros and cons?

cause it gets free power :)