What are symptoms of broken struts?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If your strut is broke you can still drive it but it makes it very unsafe and noisy every time you hit a bump it will clank and bottom out.

ANS 2 -If a strut breaks it will actually change the angle of the wheel relative to the car frame, often allowing the top inner edge of the tire to rub against the strut and quickly wear out.

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Q: What are symptoms of broken struts?
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Signs of a bad strut?

hydraulic fluid leaking from it, broken spring, broken/grinding bearing plate (some struts)

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What makes a car sway badly?

Under inflated tires, broken sway bar, broken sway bar links, bad shocks/struts, broken springs, worn steering and suspension parts.

Can old or broken struts or springs cause extreme rough ride because of limiting suspension travel?


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Can bad shocks on my car coause a knocking sound?

Yes, if your car has shock absorbers it would only be if they are broken in two pieces; if your car has struts then it is probably the upper mounts that are bad. If it is struts and you have the upper mounts replaced, you will also need an alignment.

How do you tell if you need new struts for a 2001 BMW x5?

On any vehicle equipped with struts, a strut is just a shock absorber that is a integral part of the steering geometry. Some symptoms are unusual vibration in steering. scalloped or cupped wear patterns on the tires, and oil leakage from the top of the strut tube. Most struts last about 50K MI.