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Some window tinting prices can be as low as $80. Other prices can range from $100 to tint windows for a truck or SUV and $499 for a very high-end tint.

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Q: What are some tinting window car prices in the US?
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Where can one find prices on car window tinting?

You can find prices on automobile window tinting by asking someone who specializes in it. Some companies will charge differently depending on the model of automobile.

Where can I find more information about window tinting?

You can find more information about window tinting at your local car repair shop or online such as,, or

Where can I go for value window tinting?

You can go to various auto shops nearby. I personally prefer this site They provide ample information regarding window tinting.

How is car window tinting implemented?

Car window tint is applied by spraying a clear, soapy solution with a mild glue added onto your car window, and then the film is cut to the shape of your window and applied. Some window tints have an adhesive backing that is a peel and stick.

How to Properly Apply Window Tint?

Window tint can be an attractive as well as practical addition to any car or truck. Make sure you understand the legal regulations regarding window tinting in your area before you purchase a tinting kit. Some states have a limit to how dark the tinting can be. Window tint is not allowed to cover the windshield of a vehicle. Prepare the Surface Before you begin to apply the window tinting to your car windows, make sure they are completely clean and dry. Any stray dust or dirt will be trapped between your window and your tinting forever once the tinting is applied. Over time, the dust and dirt will cause the tinting to wrinkle or distort as it expands and contracts due to extreme temperatures. Dust can also keep the tinting from adhering to the window effectively when you are trying to apply it in the first place. A standard window cleaner and paper towels should be all you need to get your windows clean enough for window tint. Measure Twice, Cut Once Car windows may seem relatively straight and square, but they have quite a few angles and tight corners to fit your window tinting into. The best way to measure your window for tinting is to use a scrap piece of paper and draw the outline of your window on it. Leave about an inch of extra space all the way around the window so that you have some extra to work with. Place the paper cutout of the window over the sheet of window tinting and follow it carefully with an exacto knife. This should give you an accurately sized piece of tinting to apply to your window. Smoothing Out the Bubbles Dampen the adhesive side of your tinting, and apply it to the window from one end to the other. As you put the tinting on the window, use a flat squeegee to smooth the film and help it adhere more firmly to the window. Also use the squeegee to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles that form in the tinting. Once the tinting is applied and smooth, you can trim the excess from around the edges.

What are the laws for car tinting?

Most laws applicable to car window tinting have to take into consideration that no more than 75% light can be covered in the back, and around 50% at the front.

What are the car window tinting laws in the State of New York?

On windshields, non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 6 inches of the windshield. Side window tinting must allow 70% of light in and no restriction exists for rear windows. Side window tinting may not have a metallic or mirrored appearance.

What would the price be for a do it yourself window tinting kit?

Depending on the project size, DIY window tinting kits can run from $50 to $400. If you want to tint the windows of your car, expect to spend about $350.

Where can I get decent window tinting?

When you need to to find information about car window tinting, a good place to start is your local motor forums. People in your area will give feedback which will help you decide which company is best for your needs.

Which companies offer car window tinting in Winnipeg Canada?

A useful reference for finding car window tinting in Winnipeg,Canada is in the Yellow Pages Local Listings.There are many businesses in the area that do this type of job such as "Tint Tech", "Slick Tint" ,and "Tint King".

Is it true that window tinting can protect you from broken glass during a car crash?

Yes, the plastic tinting material will prevent the shattered glass from flying around the car and injuring the occupants while at the same time limiting damage to the car.

What are some window tinting laws?

Window tinting laws vary from state to state, however there are some general guidelines, for example windshields must not be coated in reflective tinting, and the tinting must be above a certain line on the windshield, though that line varies depending on the state. Other laws are very different, for example in California, Back Side and Rear windows can be any level of darkness, but in Alabama, Front, Back and Rear windows must all let more than 32% of visible light into the car.