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Depending on the project size, DIY window tinting kits can run from $50 to $400. If you want to tint the windows of your car, expect to spend about $350.

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Q: What would the price be for a do it yourself window tinting kit?
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What would window tinting prices be for a GMC Yukon?

Window tinting runs at several different prices. While some places my offer a set price, you have some that charge by the vehicle or how many of the windows you would like tinted. A GMC Yukon may cost around $100.

How much would a ticket for window tinting cost in Nassau County?


Which auto shops in San Francisco offer window tinting?

There are many auto shops in San Francisco that offer window tinting. I would check Yellow for ones close to your specific area, and hours of operation.

Where can I find a place that will tint my car windows?

Major car manufacturers generally don't do after sale car tinting for you. If you are looking for tinting at a good price in Toronto, I would suggest 3D auto tint that offers a price of $129.

How to Tint Auto Glass?

Before you start tinting the windows in your car, make sure you check your area's laws on windowing tinting. You don't want to have to spend time and money tinting your windows only to end up receiving a traffic ticket fine, and having to remove your tinting. The best option of course would be to have a professional window tinter tint the windows of your car. Step 1: Clean your windows. Clean them really good, otherwise you may end up with imperfections showing on your tinting from dust particles. Use a razor blade to scrap off particles from windows. Use ammonia free window cleaner to clean your windows. Step 2: Remove anything that will get in your way for the tinting. This will include removing the third brake light from your rear window. You might have to remove the door panels to gain better access to your windows. Step 3: Create your patterns. You don't want to press your tinting sheets along the windows to cut out patterns. It is much easier to create your patterns using freezer paper. Put the freezer paper against your glass and create your pattern on the freezer paper. Add 1” to your pattern. Step 4: With your patterns created from the freezer paper, cut out pieces of window tinting using the patterns you have just created. Step 5: As you apply your tinting sheets to your windows, you will need to apply soapy water to the windows for the tinting. Apply masking tape to the felt at the bottom of your windows to keep fuzz from collecting on your tinting sheet, and windows. Keep the windows clean. Step 6: Roll your window down until it is about 2” from the bottom. Apply your tinting, use the squeegee to press out water and bubbles. Squeegee from the middle outwards. Your tinting is now anchored to your window. Step 7: Roll your window up and continue to apply your tinting sheet. Using your squeegee to apply the tinting to the window. Go slow, take your time. Go too fast and your tinting might end up being misaligned, wrinkled, or air bubbles trapped underneath it. Step 8: Use a hard card that comes with your tinting kit to tuck the tinting sheets along the edges. Keep the tinting sheet damp with soapy water while working with it. Step 9: Repeat steps 3 through 8 again for your other side windows. Step 10: Since the rear window is curved, you may have to apply your tinting sheet in 2 or 3 sections at a time. You can hide the seams of your sections by lining them up with the defroster element lines on your rear window. Apply the tinting as you did with the other windows. Take your time. Step 11: Allow some time before installing your door panels and removing your masking tape. If you start to see sections of your tinting starting to pop up, wet the tinting with your soapy water and squeegee out the air bubbles or use the hard card when needed. You might have to do this a couple times for each window to ensure the tinting sheet doesn't have any more air bubbles. Step 12: Now that you have applied your tinting, allow time for it to dry before removing your masking tape, and installing your panels. Keep your windows rolled up to keep the tinting in place while it dries. You have now tinted your windows. Everything looks great, your windows provide shading from the hot sun, and privacy. Allow time for the tinting to cure, don't touch them for at least 5 days, and don't clean them for at least a month. Use only a soft cloth or sponge to clean your windows, otherwise you might scratch the tinting if you use items such as newspaper, or hard cloth. Do not use any window cleaning products that contain ammonia to clean your windows. The ammonia will react to the tinting and cause blotching.

Window Tinting Application or Replacement?

form_title=Window Tinting Application or Replacement form_header=12423 Please specify the number of windows you would like tinted.*=_[100] Why are you interested in tinted windows? (Check all that apply)*= [] "Privacy [] Reduce heat absorption [] Reduce UV light [] Protect furniture, curtains [] Prevent glare [] Other"

I have an apartment on the first floor with huge windows so how to use light so others cant see in or what other options I have besides curtains?

Window tinting the same as you would do to your car.

Where to get custom window treatments?

You can get custom window treatments at affordable prices at your local Lowe's or Home Depot. They have great selection.

Who can do tinted car windows for a reasonable price?

Well, I would recommend using the tinting services offered towards car windows offered by Canadian Tire because they offer their variety of services for an incredibly reasonable price.

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wrho can repair my window motor in my 2002 jeep grand cherokee for a affordable?

I would try your local full auto repair shop that will offer you a set installation price if you purchase the part yourself.

What are some good window treatments for sliding glass doors?

Most people go with vertical blinds because they are the most cost-effective way. However, there are other options. If you would like to treat the window itself instead of the underlying sun or privacy problem- think about hiring a professional window tinting service. It is a tough DIY project.