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No use for exhaust in car air conditioning

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Q: Use of exhaust gases for automobile air conditioning?
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Is a gasket part of the exhaust system in an automobile?

Some exhaust systems use gaskets and some don't.

Is air conditioning bad for the atmosphere?

Remember that air conditioning is powered by electricity. How that electricity is made will determine its affect on the atmosphere. If it comes from Solar or Wind power, there is no effect. If it comes from Fossil Fuel, there are Greenhouse Gases given off. Nuclear power has its own set of issues. If the AC is in your car, then you will use more fuel, and emit more greenhouse gases as exhaust.

Carbon monoxide is present in?

cigarette smoke, automobile exhaust, it can be present in your home if you use gas or fuel oil

What is the use of header?

I guess your talking about exhaust headers. They allow the exhaust gases to get out of the engine in a even manner and faster for less back pressure and better performance.

Do YZ motorcycles and TTR motorcycles use the same kind of exhaust pipe?

No. The YZ motorcycle is a two stroke so it has to use a much larger exhaust to expel more gases emitted by the harder working engine. Since the TT-R motorcycle is a four stroke it fires every two revolutions (Eight strokes, so it does not need as big of an exhaust pipe to get rid of the gases.

What type of freon does a 1993 Lincoln mark viii?

R-134A. It's the only commercially available refrigerant approved for use in automobile air conditioning systems.

What is the function of an egr in an automobile?

the use of egr in automobile is............... the explanation of egr is "EXHAUST GAS RECIRCULATION" the egr is placed in the exhaust manifold . the outlet gas is taken to egr and recirculate it and sends to engine again pollution can be controlled less amount of gas released no engine power is increased burned gas are repeatedly sent to engine.

What is the difference between air conditioning and refrigeration?

'One stores food and the other keeps your house cool!

Is there a reason why you can't use an air duct vent for a dryer?

Dryer exhaust can be to hot for a plastic type air conditioning duct. You should always use piping that is approved by the manufacturer of the dryer.

HOW TO DISCHARGE auto air conditioning?

It's illegal, I think, to discharge it improperly. Garages recover the gases from your system. Junkyards may use the "oops" method to do this.

Does an air bag in an automobile use hydraulics?

The definition of hydraulics is a descriptive term for a system operated or moved by a fluid. So the answer is no.

How do you use automobile in a sentence?

This automobile sounds funny.