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Carefull, this is a complicated question. Many times there is no value in suing.

You may have to sue if:

1st The At Fault driver is not insured or not properly insured.

2nd The at fault insurance company will not pay or will not pay fair compensation.

3rd If you are injured and need a Lawyer to protect your rights and insure proper and fair compensation.

Many times the Insurance companies will not pay fairly and it is often easier to get your Insurance company to intervene than to hire a lawyer. I specificaly buy insurance that provides this coverage as I was bitten before in this way.

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Q: Should you sue if someone hit you in a car accident?
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How many seconds should you look ahead of your car?

It is not seconds, but car length. If you are seconds behind someone and they stop fast you will hit them.

What is a secondary collision?

When a vehicle is in a car accident there can be a secondary collision. For example, if car ÒbÓ was rear ended that is the first collision but when that car hit the car in front of them that is the secondary collision.

If someone drove your car and hit someone can you be sued?

Possibly. Being the owner of the vehicle, you assumed some of the responsibiliy when you loaned it to the other person. A lot of it depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident, though. Contact your insurance company and give them all the facts regarding the accident, and they can give you a more detailed answer. I would also advise you to get a copy of the accident report before you contact them, which you can get from the police precinct or sheriffs department that worked the accident. yes you can. anyone who drives your car is using your insurance unless you have insurance that covers any driver. Yes, as stated above, it is possible for you to be sued. But, it can still depend on the circumstances of the accident, the type of policy you have, and even whether or not that person had your permission to drive your car. Check your policy for any exclusions, as well as liability limitations.

Car hit on private car park?

If your car is being hit on a private car park, you should call the police and report it and later on claim the insurance that was being put in your car to expense all the repairs of it.

Who is liable if your car is hit by another car in the intersection after you stop at a stop sign?

Entirely situation dependent. We'd need to know the circumstances of the accident in order to give a correct and informed answer.

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What if you hit someone from back?

If you run into the back of someone's car, you are responsible for the accident.

If Someone hit car behind you and that car hit you who pays?

I'm pretty sure the first car that hits and starts the accident pays.

Your car hydroplaned and someone else hit you?

Well then the hydroplaning has nothing to do with the accident maybe the hydroplaning caused the accident

Should you report an accident if your car does not have any damage?

of course you should report an accident even if your car is damaged its almost like a hit and run.

When someone rear ends your car then leaves the seen of accident what are your options?

Claim as it a hit and run!

What happen if you accident someone car and leave the damage?

It appears that what you are referencing is a "Hit and run." That is when you strike a something or someone, and do not remain at the site of the accident. Performing a hit and run can result in the loss of your license, and potentially imprisonment.

Who should you sue in a car accident?

If you caused the crash, you can't sue anybody and win. You will obviously lose- you caused the accident. If you were hit by the car and were doing everything right, then sue the person who hit you.

What can be done to Prove your innocence in hit and run car accident when your not there but they have your car number plate number?

If you have a reliable witness that can testify where you were when the accident occurred, or can testify that someone else had your car at the time, that will help.

If someone follows you and copy your license number then later files a claim that you hit their car and then ran how can you dispute it because you were not involved in an accident?

How about saying "where is the damage to my car?" No damage, no accident.

What happens someone reports you hit a car and you did not notice you did?

More than likely you will be charged with the accident and may be charged with leaving the scene of an accident. It will be up to the police department to investigate the accident and determine if you did indeed hit the vehicle.

Hit and run car accident-If i file a police report for hit and run car accident will the accident show up in my car history?

no from dertster on runescape dante rea life

What to do if Car totaled and no collision insurance?

If the accident was your fault you're out of luck. If you were hit by someone, their insurance will total your car and pay you for its actual cash value.

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