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Stuck closed, you cannot. Stuck open, you are foolish

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Q: Should you drive if your accelerator is stuck?
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Why does the accelerator get stuck sometimes when you put it in drive?

A sticking accelerator is usually the result of binding throttle cables or a broken return spring. Make sure that these items are ok as a stuck accelerator can be dangerous.

You should push hard on the accelerator when your vehicle is stuck?


If your accelerator pedal gets stuck what should you not do?

You should not reach down and pull the accelerator with your hands. point blank switch to lower gear

How do you fix a stuck accelerator?

You stick your hand in the L drive, close your eyes, and hope for the best. God be with you.

What should you do if your accelerator got stuck at 50mph?

put the vehicle in neutral, pull over and shut off engine. then look to see why the pedal stuck

If your accelerator gets stuck what should you do?

Shift to neutral, coast to shoulder, check linkage and repair before you proceed.

How do you stop a car with a stuck accelerator?

Turn the ignition off.

To get out of a skid?

If its a front wheel drive car , you automatically push the accelerator but not to hard and turn into it not with it. A 4 wheel drive car you turn into it and press the accelerator and finally rear wheel drive you let go of the accelerator and turn into it

The first thing to do after you experience a stuck accelerator is?

put the car in neutral

How do you increase the mileage of a two wheeler?

you should drive your bike in around 35 to 50 km speed you should give adequate accelerator

What should you do when your accelerator gets stuck on your car?

Shift your car into neutral and use the break. Your car might break from over revving but it is worth the risk.

Squealing when step on the accelerator?

Check you serpentine drive belt and pulleys.