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Only you know the extent of the damage and who your insurance will handle the claim.

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Q: Should you claim a fender bender or just fix it your self?
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If the other party has damage to his fender but my car is undamaged should I Pay out of pocket for fender bender?

Depends on your driving record. If you have had another claim in the last 2 years more than likely it would be in your best interest to just pay it out of pocket. Of course that depends on what it will cost to repair. A fender bender can be very expensive on modern cars. And then there is the personnel injury the other party may sue you for in the future. They may even come up with other hidden damages to the vehicle. Only you can determine if there is just slight damage. You may also have a deductible that would come into play, and if if your file a claim you end up paying through the deductible. If, in the end you decide to pay this out of pocket, make sure you get a signed release from the person who owns the other car you damaged. Have a lawyer draw up a release form that will release you from all future claims against you. When you pay this have it notarized and make copies. If they refuse to sign the release form, do not give them one dime until they do sign. Keep them in a safe place like a bank lock box, for at least 7 years. A fender bender can cost you dearly if you do not protect yourself.

Do you have a flat battery of your futurama bender or you just have a funkey problem?

i....think in my bender furama to meet my ginormica toy

If you were at fault in a fender bender but your car was not damaged and their car only has a small dent in the bumper and police were not called how should the situation be handled?

If the damage is small enough, you might just want to find out how much a bumper would cost and give the other individual the cash. That way your insurance won't go up. Otherwise, make a report to your insurance company.

How long do you have to report an accident in Toronto?

Immediately, especially when there are injuries, otherwise it is considered a hit-and run. If the accident is a fender bender on a private lot, like a parking area near a mall, you can just exchane insurance and addresses and phone numbers without getting the police involved,

What is a normative claim?

A normative claim declares something as morally just or injust, right or wrong. For example, "No one should do drugs."

You were driving your car and dented the drivers side fender should i turn it into my insurance?

If you can pay it out of pocket fine but be ready for a large cost as the person is going to try to get you badly. Call the police and get a report done at the least. If is within your means you will benefit by not making a claim just be ready for more than you think it will be.

Who is at fault if you got rear-ended?

It depends on how serious the accident is, but if it's just a "fender bender" then the person behind you is responsible and it's called, "Undo care and attention." If the accident is serious and someone has been hurt, the police are called and they investigate the skid marks, etc., to see who was at fault. Marcy

Where is the purge valve in a 2007 dodge grand caravan?

It should be on the inner fender (passengers side) just below the radiator overflow tank.

Where do you find the fender tag on a 1969 Charger?

on the drivers side fender under the hood just in back of the battery.

Will the Fender Jazz Bass Guitar hold up to an eight year old?

The fender Jazz Bass is a quality product. as long as there is no diliberate miss use, the bass and an eight year old should hold up just fine.

What size screws should I use to mount a fender on my bicycle's NeonPro suspension fork and where can I get them?

Sus forks just about never have eyelets for fender mounts. Either you stick them on by inserting an expander type fastener included with the fender into the bottom of the steerer tube, or you do something less precise with cable ties around the crown of the fork.

Where and which fusible link controls the actual ignition starter My jeep was in a fender bender and wont start. headlights ok gauges ok no warning lights no cranking or srating?

normally their located somewhere close to the battery just pop the cap open and wich ever one is blown is the one that needs replaced